Joe Rementer and Steve Motola have started Orange County's first Mustang club. The two Mustang enthusiast's were tired of leaving the county and even the state to be part of a Mustang club and decided to form the Mustang Club of Orange County, New York. The club is operated out of Middletown, New York. "We felt Middletown, would be a central location for all county residents to travel to for monthly meetings", said Motola. Anyone interested in joining the Club can go to our registration page and print out our registration form.

These two men have been working all the area shows to spread the word. There has been a large response to the recently formed club. "Many of the Mustang enthusiast's we've met wanted to join the club on the spot."

The Mustang Club of Orange County, New York is a club complete with Officers, Board of Directors, Committee Heads and is an affiliate of the Mustang Club of America (www.mustang.org).

If you own a Mustang or are thinking of buying one and have been looking for a local Mustang club here is your chance to get involved with one right in your own backyard.

"Owning a Mustang is not required, but, the love for the American Icon is." -
Joe Rementer

Some of our recurring club events are:

  • Weekly cruise-in during the spring, summer, and fall months.

  • Annual Mustang & Ford Spring Round-up with Monroe Ford.

  • Monthly open membership meetings.

  • Annual Christmas Holiday dinner.

  • Traveling together to other clubs events.

  • Monthly newsletter published; The Pony Ledger



The name of this organization shall be known as the Mustang Club of Orange County New York (hereafter referred to as either the Mustang Club or as The Club).

ARTICLE II: Objectives

A. To promote the enjoyment and preservation of the Mustang automobile.

B. To promote friendly relations with fellow Mustang owners.

C. To encourage communications with other Mustang chapters and maintain a working relationship with these organizations.

D. To aid fellow Mustang owners in rebuilding, restoring and maintaining Mustangs and to share the knowledge and experience gained through such projects. 

ARTICLE III: Membership and Dues   

A. All Members at the time of paying dues, shall complete an application for membership and are requested to provide a photo of their cars for the Club portfolio.

B. Dues shall be set by the Club Officers, subject to membership approval.

C. Dues shall be due at time of approval.

D. Dues are for the period of one year, due at the January meeting. Any new members joining in the months of October through December shall be in good standing for the following year.

E. Dues shall be considered delinquent if not paid after 30 days of joining the Club. Payment after that time will be subject to penalty and the members name may not appear in the current roster.

F. Mustang ownership is not essential, however enthusiasm is.  

ARTICLE IV: Officers and Elections

A. The elected Officers shall be the President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Recording Secretary.

B. The term shall be for a period of two years.

C. Notice of nominations for Officers shall be sent out via e-mail to all current members by the Recording Secretary prior to the month of October’s meeting stating that nomination of Officers shall take place at the October meeting.

D. Nominations can only be made and seconded by members in good standing in order for the nomination to be put on the ballot.

E. All nominations shall come from the floor of the meeting.

F. All nominees reserve the right to decline nomination.

G. After the nominations are closed in October, the Election Committee, which shall consist of two non-nominees appointed by the President, shall mail out absentee ballots upon request to all current members.  They shall also tally the ballots.

H. Voting shall take place at the November meeting. Absentee ballots must be received on or before the November meeting

I. Results of the election shall be announced at the December meeting.

J. New Officers shall take office at the January meeting.

K. All officers shall be a member of the Mustang Club of America for a minimum of one year prior to holding office.

ARTICLE V: Officers Duties

A: The President

1. Shall preside over all meetings, preserve order and preserve the BY LAWS.

2. Shall make appointments to the Board of    Directors, shall make committee appointments, shall appoint a Club Newsletter Committee, Club Events Director, MCA National Director and any other appointments as deemed necessary for the operations of the Club.

3. Shall preside over the Board of Directors and report back to the membership actions taken by the Board.

4. Shall represent The Club at meetings with other clubs, affairs, etc., and shall reflect a positive image of The Club.

5. Shall call special meetings as necessary to conduct Club business.

B. The Vice President

1. Shall preside over meetings and perform all presidential duties in the absence of the President.

2. Shall assume the role of President should it be deemed necessary to conduct Club business.

C. The Treasurer

1. Shall keep an accurate account of all Club monies and give a report at each general membership meeting and each Board of Directors meeting.

2. Shall see that all approved bills are paid in a timely manner.

3. Shall be the primary signature on all checks, maintain the checking account, verify all bank statements to their accuracy and maintain any and all monies as necessary.

4. Shall be responsible for the collection of membership dues.

5. Shall prepare a year end statement for audit purposes.

D. Recording Secretary

1. Shall keep an accurate record of the proceedings of all meetings held.

2. Shall maintain the Club roster.

3. Shall give reports as necessary at Club meetings.

ARTICLE  VI: MCA Regional Director

1. Shall be responsible for maintaining a liaison with the Mustang Club of America, providing them with an ongoing report of our Club’s activities and events.

2. Shall keep abreast with what is happening within the Mustang Club of America.

3. Shall work with other directors to best represent out Club’s interests and to present the The Club’s points of view

4. Shall give a report to the membership meeting each month of events and activities that might affect the membership.

ARTICLE VII: The Board of Directors

A. The Board of Directors shall be comprised of all Officers as well as a minimum of five members appointed by the President.

B. The Board will serve for the calendar year. Should a member not be able to complete their term, the President shall appoint a new member to complete the remaining term.

C. The Board will meet a minimum of six times prior to the December meeting.

D. All decisions make by the Board must be my majority decision, whether or not all members are present. However, a quorum of seven must be present.

E. The President will report to the general membership meeting of any actions taken at the Board meeting and will put before the membership for a vote, that which would require a vote. This would include changes to the BY LAWS and any Club policy, as well as major capital outlays by the Club.

F. The Board shall initiate all change to the BY LAWS and policy within the Club and prepare them for vote by the general membership

G. The Board will act on matters brought before it at the prior general membership meetings and will be open to all suggestions from the floor.

ARTICLE VIII: Code of Conduct

A. Members will conduct themselves at all meetings, shows, events, cruises, etc. in a fashion befitting good taste and etiquette.

B. Members will be responsible for the conduct of their guests attending functions and activities.

C. Use of the Club name, logo, or other Club material for private use or gain is prohibited.

D. All Club logos, materials, or other products developed over the course of time by any individual pertinent to Club business or function are to be the property of the Mustang Club of Orange County, New York

E. Members are encouraged to participate in shows, cruises and other events and to present the finest image possible of the Club.

F. No member shall use The Club as a means for personal profit.

ARTICLE IX: Standing Committees

A. The Club Activities Director/Directors shall be responsible for coordinating all Club activities with the assistance of their committees. Proper planning, notification to the membership and the obtaining of resources shall be a part of the Director’s responsibility.

B. The Club Program  Director shall endeavor to have a program of activities, presentations, or information pertaining to or about Mustangs or classic and or collector vehicles.

C. The Newsletter Committee will be responsible for the preparation and providing of a newsletter on at least a monthly basis. Enough copies will be provided so that the Recording Secretary can see that all members in good standing receive a copy.

 D. The Club Historian shall keep a Club portfolio/scrapbook of all Club activities along with photos of Club member’ cars. Copies of newsletters and any other data as may be deemed to be of value to maintain a record of the Club’s history shall be preserved.

E. The Club Webmaster shall set up a Club Web page and maintain the site with any events, cruises, outing  and general Club information.

ARTICLE X: Club Purchases

A. The Club President is authorized to spend up to $300.00 for miscellaneous expenses.

B. All other purchases over $300.00 must be voted by the Officers and Board of Directors.

C. No member shall make any unapproved club purchases and expect reimbursement.

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